Mark Gutjahr: We drive Color

The emotional side of a high performance material.
Car colors not only serve multiple purposes from UV-hiding to corrosion protection, but always add an emotional layer to underline the fascination of the high tech products they protect. In search of the future we created different processes and ideation tools to be able to translate the audiences not-already-known-wishes into car paint that will fit the product and last long enough to not get out of fashion.

Not only since he drives cars, his blood was infected by the auto-virus – so finally Mark became an expert in automotive color. After studying design at the KISD, Cologne and graduating there, he worked for numerous companies from furniture to exhibition, from materials to colors. With his skills in trend research and transferring it into/onto designs and surfaces, he started to work with BASF since 2004 on various projects. In 2011 he headed the EMEA design team at the Coatings Division where they work with the automotive industry in search of future color directions.